May 23rd All Events

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May 23rd, 2006 (May 23 2006)DeathClifford Antone, American businessman (born in 1949)
May 23rd, 2006 (May 23 2006)DeathLloyd Bentsen, American politician (born in 1921)Lloyd Bentsen Quotes
May 23rd, 2006 (May 23 2006)DeathFrits Bernard, American activist (born in 1920)
May 23rd, 2006 (May 23 2006)DeathKazimierz Gorski, Polish footballer (born in 1921)
May 23rd, 2004 (May 23 2004)EventPart of Paris Charles De Gaulle International Airport Terminal 2E collapses, killing four people and injuring three others.Charles de Gaulle Quotes
May 23rd, 2004 (May 23 2004)DeathRamon Margalef, Spanish scientist (born in 1919)
May 23rd, 2003 (May 23 2003)EventThe euro exceeds its initial trading value as it hits $1.18 for the first time since its introduction in 1999.
May 23rd, 2003 (May 23 2003)DeathJean Yanne, French actor and director (born in 1933)
May 23rd, 2002 (May 23 2002)EventThe "55 parties" clause of the Kyoto protocol is reached after its ratification by Iceland.
May 23rd, 2002 (May 23 2002)DeathSam Snead, American golfer (born in 1912)
May 23rd, 1999 (May 23 1999)DeathOwen Hart, Canadian professional wrestler (born in 1965)Owen Hart Quotes
May 23rd, 1998 (May 23 1998)EventThe Good Friday Agreement is accepted in a referendum in Northern Ireland with 75% voting yes.
May 23rd, 1996 (May 23 1996)Event1996 Everest Disaster : The deadliest year for climbers of Everest
May 23rd, 1996 (May 23 1996)DeathPatrick Cargill, English actor (born in 1918)
May 23rd, 1996 (May 23 1996)DeathRob Hall, New Zealand high altitude climber (born in 1941)
May 23rd, 1996 (May 23 1996)DeathScott Fischer, American high altitude climber (born in 1955)
May 23rd, 1995 (May 23 1995)EventOklahoma City bombing: In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the remains of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building are imploded.
May 23rd, 1994 (May 23 1994)DeathRay Candy, American professional wrestler (born in 1951)
May 23rd, 1994 (May 23 1994)DeathJoe Pass, American jazz guitarist (born in 1929)
May 23rd, 1992 (May 23 1992)DeathGiovanni Falcone, Italian judge (born in 1939)
May 23rd, 1991 (May 23 1991)DeathWilhelm Kempff, German pianist and composer (born in 1895)
May 23rd, 1989 (May 23 1989)DeathGeorgy Tovstonogov, Russian theatre director (born in 1915)
May 23rd, 1988 (May 23 1988)BirthMorgan Pressel, American golfer
May 23rd, 1986 (May 23 1986)BirthRuben Zadkovich, Australian soccer player
May 23rd, 1986 (May 23 1986)DeathSterling Hayden, American actor (born in 1916)
May 23rd, 1985 (May 23 1985)BirthRoss Wallace, Scottish footballer
May 23rd, 1984 (May 23 1984)BirthAdam Wylie, American actor
May 23rd, 1983 (May 23 1983)BirthCristiano Bilanzola, Canadian musician and film-maker
May 23rd, 1983 (May 23 1983)BirthHeidi Range, English singer (Sugababes)
May 23rd, 1983 (May 23 1983)BirthAlex Shelley, American professional wrestler
May 23rd, 1982 (May 23 1982)BirthCyrill Gloor, Swiss footballer
May 23rd, 1982 (May 23 1982)BirthMalene Mortensen, Danish singer
May 23rd, 1982 (May 23 1982)BirthTristan Prettyman, American musician
May 23rd, 1981 (May 23 1981)BirthGwenno Saunders, Former Welsh dancer, now singer with The Pipettes
May 23rd, 1981 (May 23 1981)DeathGene Green, American baseball player (born in 1933)
May 23rd, 1981 (May 23 1981)DeathRayner Heppenstall, English novelist (died in 1911)
May 23rd, 1981 (May 23 1981)DeathGeorge Jessel, American actor (born in 1898)George Jessel Quotes
May 23rd, 1981 (May 23 1981)DeathDavid Lewis, Canadian labour lawyer and politician (born in 1909)
May 23rd, 1980 (May 23 1980)BirthLane Garrison, American actor
May 23rd, 1980 (May 23 1980)BirthTheofanis Gekas, Greek footballer
May 23rd, 1979 (May 23 1979)BirthBrian Campbell, Canadian ice hockey player
May 23rd, 1979 (May 23 1979)BirthKirk Saarloos, American baseball player
May 23rd, 1979 (May 23 1979)BirthRasual Butler, American basketball player
May 23rd, 1978 (May 23 1978)BirthMike Gonzalez, American baseball player
May 23rd, 1978 (May 23 1978)BirthCarolyn Moos, American model and professional basketball player
May 23rd, 1978 (May 23 1978)BirthScott Raynor, American drummer (formerly of blink-182)
May 23rd, 1977 (May 23 1977)EventTwo terrorist actions unfold in The Netherlands: several dozen hostages are taken on board a train, and about 100 others (mostly children) are held at a school. The train siege lasts until June 11.
May 23rd, 1977 (May 23 1977)BirthIlia Kulik, Russian figure skater
May 23rd, 1976 (May 23 1976)BirthKelly Monaco, American actress
May 23rd, 1976 (May 23 1976)BirthRicardinho, Brazilian footballer
May 23rd, 1975 (May 23 1975)BirthKim Sung-soo, South Korean actor
May 23rd, 1975 (May 23 1975)DeathMoms Mabley, American comedian (born in 1894)
May 23rd, 1974 (May 23 1974)BirthKen Jennings, American game show contestant
May 23rd, 1974 (May 23 1974)BirthMatt Hindle, Canadian bobsledder
May 23rd, 1974 (May 23 1974)BirthJewel, American singer
May 23rd, 1974 (May 23 1974)BirthMonica Naranjo, Spanish singer
May 23rd, 1974 (May 23 1974)BirthCharlie Yeung, Hong Kong actress and singer
May 23rd, 1972 (May 23 1972)BirthRubens Barrichello, Brazilian formula one driver
May 23rd, 1971 (May 23 1971)BirthLaurel Holloman, American actress
May 23rd, 1970 (May 23 1970)EventA fire breaks out in the Britannia Bridge over the Menai Straits in north Wales contributing to its partial destruction and causing approximately ?1,000,000 worth of fire damage.
May 23rd, 1970 (May 23 1970)BirthYigal Amir, Israeli assassin of Yitzhak RabinYitzhak Rabin Quotes
May 23rd, 1970 (May 23 1970)BirthNanette Burstein, American director/producer
May 23rd, 1970 (May 23 1970)BirthBryan Herta, American race car driver
May 23rd, 1970 (May 23 1970)BirthBlake Schwendiman, American author
May 23rd, 1968 (May 23 1968)BirthGuinevere Turner, American actress
May 23rd, 1967 (May 23 1967)EventEgypt closes the Straits of Tiran and blockades the port of Eilat at the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba to Israeli shipping, laying the foundations for the Six Day War.
May 23rd, 1967 (May 23 1967)BirthAnna Ibrisagic, Swedish politician
May 23rd, 1967 (May 23 1967)BirthPhil Selway, English drummer (Radiohead)
May 23rd, 1967 (May 23 1967)DeathLionel Groulx, French Canadian priest and historian (born in 1878)
May 23rd, 1966 (May 23 1966)BirthGraeme Hick, English cricketer
May 23rd, 1966 (May 23 1966)BirthGary Roberts, professional ice hockey player
May 23rd, 1966 (May 23 1966)DeathDemchugdongrub, Mongolian politician (born in 1902)
May 23rd, 1965 (May 23 1965)BirthTom Tykwer, German film director
May 23rd, 1965 (May 23 1965)BirthManuel Sanchis Hontiyuelo, Real Madrid footballer
May 23rd, 1965 (May 23 1965)DeathEarl Webb, American baseball player (born in 1897)
May 23rd, 1964 (May 23 1964)BirthRuth Metzler-Arnold, member of the Swiss Federal Council
May 23rd, 1963 (May 23 1963)BirthWally Dallenbach Jr., American race car driver and announcer
May 23rd, 1963 (May 23 1963)BirthGregg "Opie" Hughes, American radio personality (The Opie and Anthony Show)
May 23rd, 1962 (May 23 1962)BirthImran Anwar, Pakistani Internet pioneer and American TV personality
May 23rd, 1961 (May 23 1961)BirthKaren Duffy, American actress
May 23rd, 1960 (May 23 1960)EventPrime Minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion announces that Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann had been captured.Adolf Eichmann Quotes
May 23rd, 1958 (May 23 1958)EventExplorer 1 ceases transmission.
May 23rd, 1958 (May 23 1958)BirthMitch Albom, American writerMitch Albom Quotes
May 23rd, 1958 (May 23 1958)BirthDrew Carey, American actor, comedian, and game show host
May 23rd, 1958 (May 23 1958)BirthFrancois Feldman, French singer
May 23rd, 1957 (May 23 1957)BirthMark Arnold, American actor
May 23rd, 1957 (May 23 1957)BirthJimmy McShane Northern Irish singer and front man of Baltimora, (died in 1995)
May 23rd, 1956 (May 23 1956)BirthUrsula Plassnik, Austrian politician
May 23rd, 1956 (May 23 1956)BirthMark Shaw, New Zealand rugby footballer
May 23rd, 1956 (May 23 1956)BirthBuck Showalter, American baseball player and manager
May 23rd, 1955 (May 23 1955)BirthLuka Bloom, Irish singer/songwriter
May 23rd, 1952 (May 23 1952)BirthAnne-Marie David, French singer
May 23rd, 1952 (May 23 1952)Birth"Marvelous" Marvin Hagler, American boxer
May 23rd, 1951 (May 23 1951)EventTibetans are forced to sign the Seventeen Point Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet with the People s Republic of China.
May 23rd, 1951 (May 23 1951)BirthAnatoly Karpov, Russian chess player
May 23rd, 1951 (May 23 1951)BirthAntonis Samaras, Greek politician
May 23rd, 1949 (May 23 1949)EventThe Federal Republic of Germany is established and the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany is proclaimed.
May 23rd, 1948 (May 23 1948)BirthReggie Cleveland, Canadian baseball player
May 23rd, 1947 (May 23 1947)BirthBernard Comrie, English linguist
May 23rd, 1947 (May 23 1947)BirthAnn Hui, Hong Kong film director
May 23rd, 1947 (May 23 1947)BirthJane Kenyon, American poet (died in 1995)
May 23rd, 1946 (May 23 1946)BirthFrederik de Groot, Dutch actor
May 23rd, 1946 (May 23 1946)BirthH. Paul Shuch, American SETI scientist
May 23rd, 1945 (May 23 1945)EventWorld War II: Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, committs suicide while in Allied custody.Heinrich Himmler Quotes
May 23rd, 1945 (May 23 1945)EventWorld War II: The Flensburg government under Reichsprasident Karl Donitz is dissolved when its members are captured and arrested by British forces at Flensburg in Northern Germany.Karl Donitz Quotes
May 23rd, 1945 (May 23 1945)BirthPadmarajan, Indian film director (died in 1991)
May 23rd, 1945 (May 23 1945)DeathHeinrich Himmler, Nazi official (born in 1900)Heinrich Himmler Quotes
May 23rd, 1944 (May 23 1944)BirthJohn Newcombe, Australian tennis player
May 23rd, 1943 (May 23 1943)BirthGeneral Norman Johnson, American singer (Chairmen of the Board)
May 23rd, 1942 (May 23 1942)BirthK. Raghavendra Rao, Indian film director
May 23rd, 1942 (May 23 1942)BirthGabriel Liiceanu, Romanian philosopher Philo Quotes
May 23rd, 1939 (May 23 1939)EventThe U.S. Navy submarine USS Squalus sinks off the coast of New Hampshire during a test dive, causing the death of 26 sailors. The remaining 32 crewmen and one passenger are rescued the following day.
May 23rd, 1939 (May 23 1939)BirthReinhard Hauff, German film director
May 23rd, 1939 (May 23 1939)BirthMichel Colombier, French composer and songwriter (died in 2004)
May 23rd, 1938 (May 23 1938)BirthPeter Preston, English journalist and author
May 23rd, 1937 (May 23 1937)DeathJohn D. Rockefeller, American entrepreneur (born in 1839)John D. Rockefeller Quotes
May 23rd, 1936 (May 23 1936)BirthIngeborg Hallstein, German opera singer
May 23rd, 1936 (May 23 1936)BirthCharles Kimbrough, American actor
May 23rd, 1934 (May 23 1934)EventAmerican bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde are ambushed by police and killed in Black Lake, Louisiana.
May 23rd, 1934 (May 23 1934)EventThe Auto-Lite Strike culminates in the "Battle of Toledo", a five-day melee between 1,300 troops of the Ohio National Guard and 6,000 picketers.
May 23rd, 1934 (May 23 1934)BirthRobert Moog, American inventor (died in 2005)
May 23rd, 1934 (May 23 1934)DeathClyde Barrow, American outlaw (born in 1909)
May 23rd, 1934 (May 23 1934)DeathBonnie Parker, American outlaw (born in 1910)
May 23rd, 1933 (May 23 1933)BirthJoan Collins, English actress
May 23rd, 1931 (May 23 1931)BirthBarbara Barrie, American actress
May 23rd, 1930 (May 23 1930)BirthFriedrich Achleitner, German poet
May 23rd, 1929 (May 23 1929)EventThe first talking cartoon of Mickey Mouse, "The Karnival Kid", is released.
May 23rd, 1929 (May 23 1929)BirthUlla Jacobsson, Swedish actress (died in 1982)
May 23rd, 1928 (May 23 1928)BirthJeannie Carson, English actress and comedian
May 23rd, 1928 (May 23 1928)BirthRosemary Clooney, American singer and actress (died in 2002)
May 23rd, 1928 (May 23 1928)BirthNigel Davenport, English actor
May 23rd, 1928 (May 23 1928)BirthPauline Julien, French Canadian singer (died in 1998)
May 23rd, 1925 (May 23 1925)BirthJoshua Lederberg, American molecular biologist, Nobel laureate (died in 2008)
May 23rd, 1925 (May 23 1925)BirthMac Wiseman, American musician
May 23rd, 1923 (May 23 1923)EventLaunch of Belgium s SABENA airline.
May 23rd, 1923 (May 23 1923)BirthAlicia de Larrocha, Spanish pianist
May 23rd, 1923 (May 23 1923)BirthWalter Wolfrum, German fighter pilot
May 23rd, 1921 (May 23 1921)BirthJames Blish, American author (died in 1975)
May 23rd, 1921 (May 23 1921)BirthHumphrey Lyttelton, English musician (died in 2008)
May 23rd, 1920 (May 23 1920)BirthHelen O Connell, American singer (died in 1993)
May 23rd, 1920 (May 23 1920)DeathSvetozar Boroevic, Austrian field marshal (born in 1856)
May 23rd, 1919 (May 23 1919)BirthBetty Garrett, American actress and dancer
May 23rd, 1918 (May 23 1918)BirthDenis Compton, English cricketer (died in 1997)
May 23rd, 1917 (May 23 1917)BirthEdward Norton Lorenz, American mathematician and meteorologist (died in 2008)
May 23rd, 1915 (May 23 1915)EventWorld War I: Italy joins the Allies after they declare war on Austria-Hungary.
May 23rd, 1913 (May 23 1913)BirthRuth Fernandez legendary singer from Puerto Rico
May 23rd, 1912 (May 23 1912)BirthJean Francaix, French composer (died in 1997)
May 23rd, 1912 (May 23 1912)BirthBetty Astell, English actress (died in 2005)
May 23rd, 1912 (May 23 1912)BirthJohn Payne, American actor (died in 1989)
May 23rd, 1911 (May 23 1911)Eventthe New York Public Library is dedicated.
May 23rd, 1910 (May 23 1910)BirthMargaret Wise Brown, American author (died in 1952)
May 23rd, 1910 (May 23 1910)BirthSir Hugh Casson, British architect and painter (died in 1999)
May 23rd, 1910 (May 23 1910)BirthScatman Crothers, American actor and musician (died in 1986)
May 23rd, 1910 (May 23 1910)BirthArtie Shaw, American clarinetist and bandleader (died in 2004)
May 23rd, 1908 (May 23 1908)BirthJohn Bardeen, American physicist, Nobel laureate (died in 1991)
May 23rd, 1908 (May 23 1908)BirthHelene Boucher, French aviatrix (died in 1934)
May 23rd, 1908 (May 23 1908)DeathFrancois Coppee, French poet and novelist (born in 1842)
May 23rd, 1907 (May 23 1907)EventThe unicameral Parliament of Finland gathers for its first plenary session.
May 23rd, 1906 (May 23 1906)DeathHenrik Ibsen, Norwegian writer (born in 1828)Henrik Ibsen Quotes
May 23rd, 1900 (May 23 1900)EventAmerican Civil War: Sergeant William Harvey Carney becomes the first African American to be awarded the Medal of Honor, for his heroism in the Assault on the Battery Wagner.William Harvey Quotes
May 23rd, 1900 (May 23 1900)BirthHans Frank, German Nazi war criminal (died in 1946)Hans Frank Quotes
May 23rd, 1898 (May 23 1898)BirthScott O Dell, American author (died in 1989)
May 23rd, 1896 (May 23 1896)BirthFelix Martin Julius Steiner, German Heer and Waffen-SS officer (died in 1966)
May 23rd, 1895 (May 23 1895)DeathFranz Ernst Neumann, German mineralogist and physicist (born in 1798)
May 23rd, 1893 (May 23 1893)BirthUlysses S. Grant IV, American geologist and paleontologist (died in 1977)Ulysses S. Grant Quotes
May 23rd, 1893 (May 23 1893)DeathAnton von Schmerling, Austrian statesman (born in 1805)
May 23rd, 1891 (May 23 1891)BirthPar Lagerkvist, Swedish writer, Nobel laureate (died in 1974)
May 23rd, 1890 (May 23 1890)BirthHerbert Marshall, English actor (died in 1966)
May 23rd, 1889 (May 23 1889)BirthErnst Niekisch, German politician (died in 1967)
May 23rd, 1888 (May 23 1888)BirthZack Wheat, American baseball player (died in 1972)
May 23rd, 1887 (May 23 1887)BirthThoralf Skolem, Norwegian mathematician (died in 1963)
May 23rd, 1886 (May 23 1886)DeathLeopold von Ranke, German historian (born in 1795)Leopold von Ranke Quotes
May 23rd, 1884 (May 23 1884)BirthCorrado Gini, Italian sociologist (died in 1965)
May 23rd, 1883 (May 23 1883)BirthDouglas Fairbanks, American actor (died in 1939)
May 23rd, 1879 (May 23 1879)BirthDezso Lauber, Hungarian sportsman (died in 1966)
May 23rd, 1875 (May 23 1875)BirthAlfred P. Sloan, American long-time president and chairman of General Motors (died in 1966)
May 23rd, 1873 (May 23 1873)EventThe Canadian Parliament establishes the North West Mounted Police, the forerunner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
May 23rd, 1868 (May 23 1868)DeathKit Carson, American trapper, scout, and Indian agent (born in 1809)
May 23rd, 1865 (May 23 1865)BirthEpitacio Pessoa, President of Brazil (died in 1942)
May 23rd, 1863 (May 23 1863)EventOrganization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Battle Creek, Michigan.
May 23rd, 1863 (May 23 1863)EventThe Siege of Port Hudson takes place.
May 23rd, 1857 (May 23 1857)DeathAugustin Louis Cauchy, French mathematician (born in 1789)
May 23rd, 1855 (May 23 1855)DeathCharles Robert Malden, English explorer (born in 1797)
May 23rd, 1848 (May 23 1848)BirthOtto Lilienthal, German aviation pioneer (died in 1896)
May 23rd, 1846 (May 23 1846)EventMexican-American War: President Mariano Paredes of Mexico unofficially declares war on the United States.
May 23rd, 1846 (May 23 1846)DeathFranciszek Ksawery Drucki-Lubecki, Polish politician (born in 1778)
May 23rd, 1844 (May 23 1844)EventDeclaration of the Bab: During the previous night, the Persian Prophet the Bab announced his revelation, founding Babism. He announced to the world the coming of "He whom God shall make manifest". He is considered the forerunner of Baha u llah, the founder of the Baha i Faith.
May 23rd, 1844 (May 23 1844)Birth`Abdu l-Baha, Successor to Prophet of the Baha i Faith (died in 1921)
May 23rd, 1841 (May 23 1841)DeathFranz Xaver von Baader, German philosopher and theologian (born in 1765) Philo Quotes
May 23rd, 1834 (May 23 1834)BirthCarl Heinrich Bloch, Danish painter (died in 1890)
May 23rd, 1825 (May 23 1825)DeathRas Gugsa of Yejju, Regent of the Emperor of Ethiopia
May 23rd, 1824 (May 23 1824)BirthAmbrose Burnside, American Union Civil War general (died in 1881) Ambrose Quotes
May 23rd, 1820 (May 23 1820)BirthJames Buchanan Eads, American engineer and inventor (died in 1887)James Buchanan Quotes
May 23rd, 1820 (May 23 1820)BirthLorenzo Sawyer, 9th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California (died in 1891)
May 23rd, 1813 (May 23 1813)EventSouth American independence leader Simon Bolivar enters Merida, leading the invasion of Venezuela, and is proclaimed El Libertador ("The Liberator").Simon Bolivar Quotes
May 23rd, 1813 (May 23 1813)DeathGeraud Duroc, French general (born in 1772)
May 23rd, 1810 (May 23 1810)BirthMargaret Fuller, American journalist and feminist (died in 1850)Margaret Fuller Quotes
May 23rd, 1805 (May 23 1805)EventNapoleon Bonaparte is crowned King of Italy with the Iron Crown of Lombardy in the Cathedral of Milan.Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes
May 23rd, 1795 (May 23 1795)BirthCharles Barry , English architect (died in 1860)
May 23rd, 1790 (May 23 1790)BirthJules Dumont d Urville, French explorer (died in 1842)
May 23rd, 1786 (May 23 1786)DeathMoric Benovsky, Slovak officer and explorer, King of Madagascar (born in 1746)
May 23rd, 1783 (May 23 1783)DeathJames Otis, American lawyer and patriot (born in 1725)James Otis Quotes
May 23rd, 1754 (May 23 1754)DeathJohn Wood, the Elder, English architect (born in 1704)
May 23rd, 1752 (May 23 1752)DeathWilliam Bradford, English-born printer (born in 1663)William Bradford Quotes
May 23rd, 1741 (May 23 1741)BirthAndrea Luchesi, Italian composer (died in 1801)
May 23rd, 1734 (May 23 1734)BirthFranz Anton Mesmer, Austrian physician/hypnotist (d.1815)
May 23rd, 1729 (May 23 1729)BirthGiuseppe Parini, Italian writer (died in 1799)
May 23rd, 1718 (May 23 1718)BirthWilliam Hunter, Scottish anatomist (died in 1783)
May 23rd, 1707 (May 23 1707)BirthCarolus Linnaeus, Swedish botanist (died in 1778)
May 23rd, 1706 (May 23 1706)EventBattle of Ramillies: John Churchill, the 1st Duke of Marlborough, defeats a French army under Marshal Villeroi.
May 23rd, 1701 (May 23 1701)EventAfter being convicted of piracy and of murdering William Moore, Captain William Kidd is hanged in London.
May 23rd, 1701 (May 23 1701)DeathCaptain Kidd, Scottish pirate (born in 1645)
May 23rd, 1691 (May 23 1691)DeathAdrien Auzout, French astronomer (born in 1622)
May 23rd, 1670 (May 23 1670)DeathFerdinando II de Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany (born in 1610)
May 23rd, 1662 (May 23 1662)DeathJohn Gauden, English bishop and writer (born in 1605)
May 23rd, 1618 (May 23 1618)EventThe Second Defenestration of Prague precipitates the Thirty Years War.
May 23rd, 1617 (May 23 1617)BirthElias Ashmole, English antiquarian (died in 1692)
May 23rd, 1609 (May 23 1609)EventOfficial ratification of the Second Charter of Virginia takes place.
May 23rd, 1606 (May 23 1606)BirthJuan Caramuel y Lobkowitz, Spanish writer (died in 1682)
May 23rd, 1568 (May 23 1568)EventThe Netherlands declare their independence from Spain.
May 23rd, 1568 (May 23 1568)EventDutch rebels led by Louis of Nassau, brother of William I of Orange, defeat Jean de Ligne, Duke of Aremberg and his loyalist troops in the Battle of Heiligerlee, opening the Eighty Years War.Ang Lee Quotes
May 23rd, 1533 (May 23 1533)EventThe marriage of King Henry VIII to Catherine of Aragon is declared null and void.
May 23rd, 1524 (May 23 1524)DeathIsmail I, Shah of Persia (born in 1487)
May 23rd, 1523 (May 23 1523)DeathAshikaga Yoshitane, Japanese shogun (born in 1466)
May 23rd, 1498 (May 23 1498)EventGirolamo Savonarola is burned at the stake in Florence, Italy, on the orders of Pope Alexander VI.Alexander Pope Quotes
May 23rd, 1498 (May 23 1498)DeathGirolamo Savonarola, Italian religious reformer and ruler of Florence (born in 1452)
May 23rd, 1430 (May 23 1430)EventSiege of Compiegne: Joan of Arc is captured by the Burgundians while leading an army to relieve Compiegne. Joan of Arc Quotes
May 23rd, 1304 (May 23 1304)DeathJehan de Lescurel, French poet and composer
May 23rd, 1125 (May 23 1125)DeathHenry V, Holy Roman Emperor (born in 1081)
May 23rd, 1100 (May 23 1100)BirthEmperor Qinzong of China (died in 1161)
May 23rd, 1052 (May 23 1052)BirthKing Philip I of France (died in 1108)

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